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Entangling the viewer in multiple meanings and experiences

About the Artist

Soothing for the eyes, comforting for the mind are the dreamy abstracts of Upasana Goenka. Enthralling the viewer by its colours, the sfumatic abstracts portray hidden landscapes. Her artworks are a by product of the transforming landscapes in her surroundings due to constant migration from cities and countries for education. Nature never fails to astonish one. This fascination for nature inspired her to pick up the pencil and start her journey in the world of art at the tender age of four. A documentary about Picasso enhanced her passion, her hobby which she decided to turn it into profession. “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary “ a statement by Picasso prompted her to pursue abstraction. “That is the purest form of expression,” she says.

upasana kedia
Upasana Goenka

New Arrivals

75cmx75cm, Green Orchard copy.jpg

Inspiration from Countryside

Upasana's attraction to countryside also finds its influence in surfaces and palette: the half-painted hues and texture of dust.

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