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Upasana Kedia

My Story

upasna 5.jpg

Soothing for the eyes, comforting for the mind are the dreamy abstracts of Upasana Goenka. Enthralling the viewer by its colours, the sfumatic abstracts portray hidden landscapes. Her artworks are a by product of the transforming landscapes in her surroundings due to constant migration from cities and countries for education. Nature never fails to astonish one. This fascination for nature inspired her to pick up the pencil and start her journey in the world of art at the tender age of four. A documentary about Picasso enhanced her passion, her hobby which she decided to turn it into profession. “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary “ a statement by Picasso prompted her to pursue abstraction. “That is the purest form of expression,” she says.


Through her brushstrokes she captures the spontaneity in nature. Working in many layers, she expresses her feelings and creates the mood of the painting. Believing in Mark Rothko’s style of colourfield painting, the emphasis on strong formal elements of colour, balance, depth are reflected in her artworks. Her work resonates with a statement by artist Lucien Freud who said, ”The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, more real.” The definite forms in her initial landscapes starts vanishing eventually with practice. Her artworks are patches of colours juxtaposed on the canvas which attracts the human eye. Upasana works mainly with acrylic colours but she is an avid experimenter. Competent in handling various materials and mediums, she confidently plays on the canvas. She paints what she feels not what she sees. These meditative works of Upasana catches the eye and takes one in deeper consciousness. By showcasing her collection, she wants the audience to feel the emotions expressed through the artworks.

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  • 2022 Chitrakala Parishath, Solo Show(IAF) Bangalore.

  • 2021 Chitrankan-3, An International Online Art Exhibition

  • 2021 Abstract Moda, Virtual Exhibition (Nafa, Singapore)

  • 2019 5th Enter into Art International installations, Germany

  • 2019 “House of Failure”, Sikka Art Fair, Dubai

  • 2018 “From Within”, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

  • 2018 Index Design Fair, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE)

  • 2017 World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE)

  • 2017 “Symphony in Colors” Collaborative Art Exhibition at Visual Art Centre, Singapore

  • 2017 India Art Festival, (Solo Show) Thayagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India

  • 2016 Design Exhibition at Maad, Red Dot Museum, Singapore

  • 2015 “Soul and Art”, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

  • 2014 “Colors as Action” Abstract Art Exhibition at Reading Room, Singapore

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Art Making Process
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upasana 6.PNG
upasana 2.PNG
(18)Passion,46cmx46cm.,acrylic on canvas.jpg
Experience and Achievements

• Volunteer work for Tashkeel Dubai, UAE, 2019

• Art workshop for Tribal kids Maharashtra, 2020

• Selected under best 100 artist in Chitrankan 2021

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